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Our beautiful little company started when Shyy graduated from MC College in Winnipeg, MB in 2013 with her Esthetics diploma. She quickly knew that she wanted to come home and share her passion with the community members of her home town. After a few years of renting a small back room in a hair salon, Shyy opened her own small solo studio. With the birth of her first son in 2015, Shyy decided to close her shop and focus on being a stay at home mom. This only lasted about 6 months and she couldn't stay away from the industry anymore! Although she was loving her new adventure of motherhood, Shyy knew that she needed to be back in the biz... But how?


Upon pondering a few different ideas, Shyy reached out to one of her friends from the hair salon she had previously rented at. Shyy and Courtney quickly jumped into action and opened Buck + Doe as a hair & skin studio in January 2016.

In early 2019, Courtney and Shyy settled on the decision to transform the entire studio. It was decided that Courtney would be leaving the studio to follow another dream and Shyy would take over the entirety of the business - transforming it out of a salon/spa and into a fully operational beauty & wellness studio.

Shyy is the mother of THREE amazingly handsome boys and a partner to the coolest man (who is jack of all trades in the studio). Shyy and her family have a farm at home where their focus is to raise their boys to be capable, sustainable and to know the importance of responsibility and providing for yourself. They currently have goats, horses, chickens, a pig, quail and some turkeys... Oh, and we can't forget their 3 dogs, 2 cats and their bunny. 


Shyy has a huge passion for our community, spending time with her family and is completely obsessed with the esthetics industry. Shyy's main business goal has and always will be to offer our community amazing experiences while focusing on Canadian-based, ethically sourced and as natural as we can get our hands on products that still yield outstanding results!

We praise ourselves on our sense of family, comfort and togetherness between our staff and our clients. 

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